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Job No. Job Title Job Type Job Level Job Category Job Industry/Sector Location Posted Date Start Date
262  Vice President or Director  Permanent  Vice President  Private Equity  Private Equity  Ohio, USA (Midwest)  10-30-2017  Immediate 
261  Investment Banking Associates  Permanent  Pre- or Post-MBA Associate  Investment Banking  Investment Banking, Technology (General), Telecommunications  USA (Bay Area)  10-19-2017  Immediate 
259  Private Equity Associate  Permanent  Pre-MBA Associate  Private Equity  Manufacturing, Private Equity, Business Services, Distribution  Ohio, USA (Midwest)  06-14-2017  Immediate 
256  Portfolio Impact Associate  Permanent  Pre- or Post-MBA Associate  Fund-of-Funds, Venture Capital, Secondaries  Fund-of-Funds, Venture Capital, Business Services  USA (Mid Atlantic)  05-17-2017  Immediate 
241  Principal, Secondaries  Permanent  Principal  Fund-of-Funds, Venture Capital, Secondaries  Fund-of-Funds, Venture Capital  USA (Mid Atlantic)  02-06-2017  Immediate 
233  Analyst  Permanent  Pre-MBA Analyst  Private Equity  Private Equity  Phoenix, Arizona, USA (Southwest)  11-21-2016  07-15-2017 
221  Vice President, Investor Relations and Fundraising  Permanent  Vice President  Real Estate, Investor Relations, Asset Management, Fund Administration / Operations  Fundraising, Marketing, Real Estate, Debt  Seattle, Washington, USA (Northwest)  11-16-2016  Immediate 
189  Principal  Permanent  Principal  Fund-of-Funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Asset Management, Secondaries  Fund-of-Funds, Fundraising, Private Equity, Venture Capital  USA (Mid Atlantic)  06-22-2015  Immediate